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1, to

Designers must first be good at thinking on the design of her own ideas and understanding, this is the most important. Do not worry about your idea how "bad", no one can do at once, but you can do your habits and attitudes. Learn to boldly explore and try their own ideas, know how to draw on, pursue their own ideas. However, if the design does not use their brains to sets of templates, cover material, and even blind imitation and plagiarism, it is simply that they are destroying your creativity and nourish your laziness, so never be able to progress, but later want to progress very difficult.

2, see

A large number admire the work of others, especially the outstanding works to cultivate appreciation of the arts, which improve the design level is a must. Do not see the time fly and requires a combination of expertise watched and thought, careful study of the works worth studying. But some people will complain to look at works themselves are not many design books, surf the Internet a lot and are their needs design work and design resources brings a waste of time and energy, where do you suggest go together on the network all the good design resource site, This can save a lot of time and effort to improve learning efficiency.

2, repeated appreciate good work. Reviewing the Old, the design as well. Add your own good works that, over time and then look at these works, often greater than the first harvest.

3, often see their work. Often look at their past design work, you will understand yourself whether the level has increased, but also have more design experience.

3, practicing

Repeated a lot of practice. If the lack of adequate exercise, even if there is not enough design talent to improve the design level. Only constant practice, repeated practice, in order to rapidly improve design capabilities, doing more to improve faster, this is no short cut, it must get down to. Of course, if you practice it without thinking only half done, like learning to draw, like, not just the use of strokes, need more brains.

4, the trial

Their works to impress himself is good works do? Fact, his work satisfaction is not a good thing. Especially designed for beginners as well as for their ability to lack of sufficient knowledge often guilty of "narcissistic" problems, too satisfied with their design, always think of their own design perfectly, no better than this, but I do not know have to have their own design much worse. Conversely, when you level really reach a certain height, when you have your own design will have a more objective and comprehensive understanding, it will not easily satisfied with their design. So you want to learn to interrogate himself, humbly ask for advice, it will take a lot less detours. When you are on your own design very satisfied with the time, I remember questioning myself, really so good?

5, Q

Learn to communicate, do not know to ask. While most designers are not very outgoing personality, but knows how to communicate with people, or each designer must master courses. Design is not behind closed doors, designers need not only with clients, colleagues and students also need to communicate, of course, also need to communicate with other designers using the Internet, only a good designer can communicate better and faster improvement.

6, to know

1, the designer should have relevant professional knowledge, to look professional knowledge to address gaps. But also need to learn a wide variety of knowledge. Has a wealth of knowledge, your brain "material" the more likely they will be to participate in your design, your design will be lively and full, rich ideological connotations. So renowned design gurus are often all-rounder, they are not only proficient in design, but also proficient in many other fields.

2, designers need to understand experience life, to understand the world. This requires the actual investigation and personal experience. Otherwise, your design will be easier out of life, loss of infectivity, because the design comes from life and serve life. Meanwhile designers need to understand the world, to grow more insight, keep up to date ideas. A backward thinking, ignorant of how experienced designers both design, his work always seems awkward and vulgar. Of course, in order to have a wealth of knowledge and insight you need to take the initiative in your everyday life to pay attention to and accumulation.

7, ground

Designer is not an easy job, need diligent self-study, the best designers are mostly "self-taught." If you usually do not have time to take the initiative to self-improvement, then your design skills make it difficult to improve, even behind. Therefore proposed study or spare time, a lot of time spent in the design, so as to more rapidly improve your design level.

8, Germany

Designer's moral character will not only reflected in the life of every detail, but also penetrate into the design, which is perhaps for the "design people" deeper way of interpreting. If a designer moral narrow, then sooner or later will kill off their artistic cells, blocking their road of art, because art is from life extracted, is that people are pursuing truth pure and beautiful. Designers should have a broad-minded in order to have a broad design space and inspiration space, your design of the road will go further and more open.

9, for a long time

Design is not happen overnight success, only to do for a long time in order to have an excellent level design and valuable design experience. Since the choice of the designer in this profession, we must have patience, and effort doing well. Although it will encounter a lot of bitterness Kulei, difficult setbacks, but do not back down and give up, do not have these, your design capability how to grow your experience how to get?